Aldán is a delightful coastal town surrounded by mountains, dotted with numerous beaches with transparent water and white sand. It is located on the Península do Morrazo, flanked to the south by the Ría de Vigo and to the north by Pontevedra. In the surroundings it is worth highlighting the set of religious architecture in the nearby parish of Hio: the rectory, the church with the Romanesque façade from the 12th century and the famous “Cruceiro de Hio”.

Archaeological excavations are being carried out on Mount Facho, located on the coast of Soavela, with important findings of pre-Roman remains. These remains are the oldest pilgrimage sanctuary in Galicia. At the time you could admire more than a hundred Roman altars from the 3rd and 4th centuries that, planted on top of the mountain, honored an enigmatic Galician deity called Bero Breo. But the most characteristic of the mountain is the sentry box from the 18th century, which was part of a guard post. The whole complex, with the Cies Islands and the Ons in the background, constitutes one of the most impressive landscapes in the area. It is a fantastic plan to spend the day walking and discovering its incredible beaches and waiting for the sunset.

At the southern end of the Soavela coast (Costa da Vela) is Cabo Home, which is home to the beautiful Melide beach between its two lighthouses, with the Cíes Islands almost within easy reach. In the extreme north is Punta Couso with the Ons Islands in front.

The most outstanding beaches in the area, in addition to Melide are: Menduiña, Areacova, Francón, Castiñeiras, Nerga, Liméns or the naturist beach of Barra.

Activities that can be carried out in the area: maritime excursions to the Cíes and Ons Islands (the most important of the maritime-terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands), sea fishing, canoeing, sailing, golf, horse riding, hiking, etc….

Cova Da Balea

Avenida De José Graña, 46
36945 Aldán